Beautiful Freaks S13E06: BEST OF 2018

UPDATE (12/12/2018)We’ve expanded our Beautiful 2018 compilation and added the whole thing on Spotify. This monster has 100+ of our favourite tracks of the year, including both singles and album tracks. We’ll keep adding tracks as we discover more through other Best Of lists as well, so subscribe to stay up-to-date!

It’s December, and the usual end-of-the-year reckoning will start soon (is, in fact, already happening at some places). We’re getting into the fun early this year with our Best Of 2018 Radio Special! 2018 has been an outstanding musical year and it was difficult to make a selection, despite the fact that this show is twice as long as usual. Nevertheless, here are some of our favourites of the year, with much more of our end-of-the-year retrospective coverage to come in the coming few weeks. Enjoy!

1. Lucy Dacus – Night Shift
2. Babehoven – Out Of This Country
3. Jennifer Castle – Texas

4. Amber Arcades – Goodnight Europe
5. Mitski – Nobody
6. Samia – 21

7. Fr√łkedal – I Don’t Care
8. Holy Now – Tainted Heart
9. La Lusid – Gran Canaria

10. Amaya Laucirica – All Our Time
11. Hatchie – Sure
12. Deerful – Sunset Drive

13. Candy Says – Ghost
14. Rainbow Reservoir – Channel Hanna
15. The Other Dramas – The Future Is A Holiday

16. Anna Calvi – Don’t Beat the Girl Out Of My Boy
17. Belly – Shiny One
18. Chemtrails – Tendrils
19. Deerhunter – The Primitive Baptists

20. Cloud – Mary Goes Mad Again
21. Adrianne Lenker – 10 miles

22. Krakow Loves Adana – Rapture
23. Lala Lala – The Flu
24. Ought – Disgraced in America

25. Okkervil River – Famous Tracheotomies
26. Nap Eyes – You Like To Joke Around With Me

27. The Goon Sax – We Can’t Win
28. The Essex Green – Don’t Leave It In Our Hands 

-- Beautiful Freaks, December 3, 2018