Beautiful Freaks S13E05: November Monthly Music Round-Up

Beautiful Freaks Radio is back after a two-week absence! It’s our last Monthly Music Round-Up of the year, featuring the very best of November. In this show, we discuss new albums and EPs by Molly Nilsson, Candy Says and Miya Folick, and of course we play lots of great new singles. Among our favourite new songs this month are ‘Orange’ by Moscow Apartment, which won the Canadian Songwriting Competition in the Under 18 category, and ‘Bones’ by Frog, whose new album is out this Friday! In addition, we play a couple of tracks by bands I saw live in New York earlier this month.

The planned interviews with Beanie Tapes and Everett True are still in the works, and will probably appear on our schedule for Winter/Hilary Term 2019. But we’re not done with this year yet: next week (2 December) we’ll present to you the Best of 2018 according to Beautiful Freaks in a two-hour long radio special. Tune into Oxide Radio that Sunday at 8pm GMT!

P.S. Recording is unfortunately still a bit gappy, mostly in the talking bits, but the songs should be OK.


1. Nil├╝fer Yanya – Heavyweight Champion of the Year
2. Moscow Apartment – Orange

3. Life Model – Real Estate
4. Gesserit – Silence
5. Coco Verde – Glitter

6. Frog – Bones
7. Cass McCombs – Sleeping Volcanoes
8. Julia Jacklin – Head Alone

9. Linda Vogel – Isis & Osiris

10. Candy Says – London
11. Molly Nilsson – Days of Dust

12. Amanda Tenfjord – Let Me Think
13. Miya Folick – Freak Out

-- Beautiful Freaks, November 27, 2018