Beautiful Freaks S12E03: Live Session With Jeff

This week we interview Charlie Jeffries, who writes music as Jeff. We talk about her starting to play live, the bedroom aesthetic of her songs and the recurring theme of human love for their pets. Since Charlie also has an academic career, we briefly touch on her research into influence of Women’s Studies courses on zine culture in the 90s too. Interesting stuff!

Keep listening all the way to the end – or skip ahead if you’re curious – to hear Jeff play two tracks live for us in the studio, one of which will be on her upcoming album.

Next week, we’re doing another Monthly Music Round-Up! Tune in from 8pm on Sunday to hear us discuss the albums we’ve been listening to this May and the best singles released over the past four weeks.

1. Eels – Beautiful Freak

2. Grand Pax – Comet
3. Basement Revolver – Baby
4. Samia – 21

5. Jeff – Sweaty Song
6. The Younger Lovers – The Boy From Leads

7. Carolyn’s Fingers – Her Howl
8. Boosegumps – Best Friends
9. Lisa Prank – Baby Let Me Write Yr Lines

10. Childbirth – Nasty Grrls
11. Tacocat – Psychic Death Cat
12. Hunx & His Punx – Bad Skin

13. Jeff – Don’t Mess Up [live]
14. Jeff – Unbonding [live]

-- Beautiful Freaks, May 21, 2018