Beautiful Freaks S1202: Alternative Eurovision Special

Inspired by Eurovision and this article on post-punk’s fascination with Europe, this podcast is a special on European music, featuring artists from European countries such as Italy, Greece and The Netherlands. Be sure to tune in again next week for our interview with Jeff, on Sunday 20 May at 8pm, via Oxide Radio.


1. Eels – Beautiful Freak

2. Claudia Pascoal – O Jardim

3. Fabrizio de Andre – Bocca Di Rosa
4. Boudewijn de Groot – Vrienden van Vroeger

5. Het Zesde Metaal – Ik Haat U Nie
6. Groove Machine – Richard Brautigan

7. Kraftwerk – Trans Europa Express
8. David Bowie – Station to Station

9. Gavin Friday – The Only One
10. Aldous Harding – Elation

11. Saara Aalto – Monsters

-- Beautiful Freaks, May 14, 2018