Beautiful Freaks S11E02: Scared to Get Happy vs. Nuggets

Scared to Get Happy is a 5-cd compilation of 80s indie pop released by Cherry Red Records in 2013. I trawled through the 400 minutes of tracks by pioneers whose influence can still be heard in the music of Rainbow Reservoir, The Tuts and many, many others. A lot of it was shit, and some of it was extremely good; in this episode of Beautiful Freaks Radio, we only play  tracks from the latter category. 

Cherry Red mentions that the album is inspired by Nuggets, a compilation of psychedelic music from the 60s, and because this doesn’t sound to crazy we’ve interspersed the playlist with some great tracks off Nuggets. What fun!

Listen again on Tuesday at 8pm next week for more great, and this time NEW, indie music!



1. Eels – Beautiful Freak

2. The Wild Swans – Revolutionary Spirit

3. The Electric Prunes – I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)
4. Blue Orchid – Dumb Magician

5. Cherry Boys – Kardomah Café
6. The Magicians – An Invitation to Cry

7. Jamie Wednesday – Vote For Love
8. The Barbarians – Moulty

9. Mouse & The Traps – A Public Execution
10. Sea Urchins – Solace

11. Lines – Nerve Pylon
12. The 13th Floor Elevators – You’re Gonna Miss Me

13. Rumblefish – Tugboat Line
14. The Third Trail – Run, Run, Run

-- Beautiful Freaks, January 25, 2018