Beautiful Freaks S10E07: Now That’s What I Call Funeral!

In this episode of Beautiful Freaks Radio, your host interviews world-renowned producer Itzhak about his new album Now That’s What I Call Funeral!, featuring a selection of funeral-hits inspired by real funerals. The result is, in one word, funereal. Itzhak also reveals some secrets of his upcoming project, a compilation of Spanish songs he collected during his travels through Brazil.

Of course, we also played the best new indie tracks from Oxford and around. See below for the full playlist.

1. The Relationships – Mike Oldfield
2. Gengahr – Mallory

3. The Tuts – What’s On the Radio
4. Girli – Girl I Met on the Internet
5. Girli vs. The Tuts – Mr 10pm Bedtime

6. George Michael – Faith
7. Cake – I Will Survive
8. The Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive

9. Claudia – Com Mais de 30

10. Posse – Shut Up
11. Posse – Horse Blanket 

-- Beautiful Freaks, November 22, 2017