Beautiful Freaks S10E06: PNKSLM Recordings Guest Playlist

Stockholm-based record label PNKSLM Recordings – ‘PNKSLM’ stands for ‘Punk Slime’ – has become one of our absolute favourites over the last couple of years. They’ve brought us delightful bands such as Holiday GhostsChemtrailsLuxury Death and many other fine singles along the way. This guest playlist they’ve made at our invitation showcases some of these bands, featuring both tracks off recent releases and singles of upcoming albums. Well worth a listen! Here’s what the label’s Johan Alm has to say about the playlist:

Here’s a mix of stuff we’ve released this fall, from September and onwards both from albums and EPs and 7″s that’s out already as well as early singles from some of our releases in the first two months of 2018. 
Got a hectic spring ahead of us, and in January alone we’ve got the long-awaited new album HOLY,  alongside a new EP from ShitKid and the debut LP from Umeå garage rockers Spice Boys (from which you can hear their brand new single “I Don’t Get Around” which is released today) – plus the lead single from Chemtrails’ debut album which is out in early February… 
They’re joined by tracks from Boys, Magic Potion, Beachtape, Holiday Ghosts and Miss World – all of which are out now. Finally, we’ve added one track each that’s not actually out own – Luke’s picked Shannon & The Clams’ Corvette and Johan‘s added on Teen Line by The Shivvers.. 
Follow us on Facebook or Twitter or whatever to keep up, just search PNKSLM on whatever – got a lot more coming in the next year as we’re celebrating our fifth year as a label.
Here’s the playlist:
1. HOLY – Heard Her
2. Spice Boys – I Don’t Get Around
3. Miss World – Buy Me Dinner
4. Gestures – Kicks
5. Shannon & The Clams – Corvette
6. Beachtape – Through & Through
7. Boys – Rabbits
8. ShitKid – Favourite Thing
9. The Shivvers – Teen Line
10. Luxury Death – Diluted
11. Magic Potion – Rest Yr Skull
12. Holiday Ghosts – In My Head
13. Chemtrails – A Killer or a Punchline

-- Beautiful Freaks, November 15, 2017