Beautiful Freaks S10E03: Save The Cellar!

If you’re a student in Oxford, chances are there you’ve been to The Cellar once or twice, whether for a club night or a gig. We’ve seen at least a couple of bands in that sweaty basement and that won’t be the end of it. Hopefully, that is, because Cellar was almost forced to close by their landlords. Fortunately, that threat has faded, but the position of one of Oxford’s finest venues remains precarious.

In this episode of Beautiful Freaks, I talk to the Cellar’s Vez about this bit of recent history, as well as about the history and position of The Cellar in Oxford’s music scene more generally. For most of us, it’s not clear what goes on behind the scenes at venues like this and it’s incredible to hear the way Cellar has remained a family-run business over its 40 years of existence. There’s still plenty of unrealised potential there and it’s important to know that the folks behind the Cellar are always happy to discuss ways students or indeed anyone else can use their amazing space!

If you want to know more about how to support Cellar see here. Below’s last Tuesday’s playlist. Next week we’ll have a Freaky Halloween Special – tune in to Oxide at 8pm. 


1. Beautiful Freak

2. Thea & The Wild – Paved the Way
3. The Orielles – Let Your Dog Tooth Grow
4. Benjamin Jones – Separation
5. Tugboat Captain – Don’t Want to Wake Up On My Own

6. Lucy Leave – Chant / Fresh Crepes
7. Slate Hearts – I’m Not There

8. Tugboat Captain – Little Life
9. Tugboat Captain – Until Now

10. Talking Heads – Burning Down the House

-- Beautiful Freaks, October 25, 2017