Beautiful Freaks S10E02: Future Perfect’s Oxford Live Guide

For this week’s show, Simon Bailey at Future Perfect created a guest playlist for us, showcasing the best of what’s coming to Oxford the coming months. Future Perfect have been amazing at bringing bands to this town since they started a few years ago, and I feel like the quality and variety of what’s on offer is only increasing. From the tracks featured on here, I would highly recommend going to see Marika Hackman, Girl Ray and of course This Is the Kit.

Listen back to an interview we did with Simon last year over here!

Here’s last Tuesday’s playlist:

1. Eels – Beautiful Freak

2. Wild Ones – Standing In the Back At Your Show
3. Totally Mild – Today Tonight

4. Porches – Country
5. Petersburg Orderer – Frigid Brigitte

6. Girl Ray – Trouble
7. This Is the Kit – Moonshine Freeze
8. Shame – Concrete
9. Ghostpoet – Freakshow

10. The Big Moon – Cupid
11. Marika Hackman – Cigarette

12. Sweet Baboo – Pink Rainbow
13. Willie J Healey – Subterreans
14. Pinkshinyultrablast – Ravestar Supreme

15. Mellow Gang – Lagoon

-- Beautiful Freaks, October 19, 2017