Beautiful Freaks S09E03: Interview with Candy Says

Candy Says is one of our favourite Oxford bands. Since we heard their last album Not Kings – on cassette! – we meant to invite them onto our show, so we’re very pleased that we’ve finally been able to interview Juju. In the meantime, Candy Says have done a score for the very nice film Burn, Burn Burn and are currently working on new music which takes them in a quite different (Emily Reo-inspired) direction which they (half-)jokingly call Brexitwave. We’ve even got a preview of one of their new tracks, called ‘Looking In From the Outside’, in this podcast!

I talked with Juju about Candy Says’ origin as a collective- including a manifesto – and their new direction, about scoring a film and about Brexit and the upcoming general elections. Juju also brought a great selection of music with her, including tracks by Feist, Palehound and fellow Oxford locals Tamara and the Martyrs. Listen to all of that and more via the player at the top of this page!

P.S. Sorry for not being live and for the poor microphone quality (we had to share one). Hopefully after the summer everything will be better at Oxide.

-- Beautiful Freaks, June 5, 2017