Beautiful Freaks S09E01: Upset the Rhythm Guest Playlist

For our first show of this term/season, we’ve got a great guest playlist by one of our favourite labels Upset the Rhythm! Here’s the lay-down:

Here’s a selection of tracks taken from our most recent and upcoming releases stretching out to September this year. Where better to start than with ‘Start The Tape’, perhaps Melbourne’s finest ode to Helen Mirren. Terry’s album ‘Remember Terry’ is coming out at the start of July, they’ll also be touring Europe around the same time, exciting times! Bamboo are up next with their deeply evocative ‘Wake Up Your Heart’, technically Act II Scene II from their incredible concept album ‘The Dragon Flies Away’ out May 26th. New signing Robert Sotelo dazzles with ‘Bronte Paths’ next, he doesn’t “want to be there when the people come for change”, fair enough! Look out September as this is when his debut album ‘Cusp’ will greet the day. ‘Jealous’ by Feature follows, although no longer an active pursuit Feature have delivered an immense epitaph with ‘Banishing Ritual’ out now! Lisbon, Portugal’s Pega Monstro step up for the next track, whipping up a frenzy of rhythmic excess before sending their siren calls across the rough sea. Their new album entitled ‘Casa De Cima’ will be released through Upset The Rhythm on June 2nd, not long now! Where do you want to go now? How about Japan? Pikacyu from Afrirampo and Makoto Kawabata from Acid Mother’s Temple have teamed up to bring us a colossal album of psych pop oddities. Coming out in August ‘Galaxilympics’ takes you to places on the fringe of the known sonic galaxy and sounds all the more glorious for it. Nearing the finish now we have Rat Columns who are presently touring Europe in support of their brand new record ‘Candle Power’. ‘Is This Really What You’re Like’ showcases what Rat Columns do best, mixing upbeat music with downhearted subject matter, its a tour de force of emotional pull and push. The final track on this mix comes originally from 1982 and sees Normal Hawaiians go epic with one of their earliest long form songs taking in ghostly percussion, questing synths and Guy Smith’s typically impassioned vocal delivery. ‘British Warm’ is taken from the band’s first album ‘More Wealth Than Money’ which we will be reissuing later this year. Thanks for listening!

Next week we’ll be back with a recorded interview with The Tuts! Check out our full schedule for this season here.

-- Beautiful Freaks, May 8, 2017