Beautiful Freaks S08E06: Minimalism vs. Prog Rock

For our last radio show of term, Rob and Caspar face off the giants of minimalism with the giants of prog. It makes for an eclectic mix that works surprisingly well; the genres really are not that different.

Early on there were some problems with the equipment but hopefully I managed to edit out all the times I just shouted ‘test test test’ into the microphone.

Our next radio show probably won’t be until late April, but keep checking this website for reviews, interviews, our regular Best New Songs of the Week feature, and more!


1. John Adams – Grand Pianola Music [Final Part]
2. Yes – Starship Trooper

3. Simeon ten Holt – Canto Ostinato [Excerpt]
4. Barclay James Harvest – Mockingbird [Live Version]

5. Steve Reich – Nagoya Marimbas
6. Pink Floyd – A Saucerful of Secrets [Live in Pompeii Version]

7. Philip Glass – Koyaanisqatsi
8. Philip Glass – Pruit Ego

9. Porcupine Tree – Time Flies
10. Tim Hecker – Black Phase

11. Caravan – Nine Feet Underground
12. Ravel – À la Manière de Borodine/Chabrier

-- Beautiful Freaks, March 7, 2017