Beautiful Freaks S08E02: Future Perfect

Yesterday Oxford promoter Simon Bailey from Future Perfect was a guest in our studio. He’s started Future Perfect in 2015, to great success: this year he’ll be putting on a 140 shows! I’m certainly happy Simon’s decided to fill this ‘gap’ in the market. When I arrived in Oxford in 2013 there wasn’t much in the way of music, but over the past two years that’s changed a lot and no doubt Future Perfect has played a role in that.

Simon and I talked about the past, present and future of Future Perfect, as well as about the music scene in Oxford, how it differs from other cities and how surprising (or not?) it is that the students are nowhere to be found at the gigs. Hear all that, plus 10 tracks by some great bands that Simon picked (and that happen to play Oxford this year), via the podcast above!

1. Loyle Carner – Ain’t Nothing Changed
2. Cabbage – Terrorist Synthesizer
3. The Moonladndingz – Black Hanz
4. Shame – The Lick
5. The Jesus and Mary Chain – Amputation
6. Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation – Rainbow Lollipop
7. Willie J Healey – Would You Be
8. Trudy and the Romance – Wild
9. C Duncan – Other Side
10. Palace – Bitter

-- Beautiful Freaks, February 6, 2017