Beautiful Freaks S08E01: Audio Antihero Guest Playlist

A guest playlist by the Audio AntiHero label! Probably their first release I heard was by Frog, but this year I became an actual fan through Chuck and mainly the breathtaking Magana EP. Then I discovered their backcatalogue which is full of gems, so I’m delighted Jamie was up for doing a guest playlist. Here’s what he had to say:

“For Audio Antihero Records to “play the hits” would take no time at all but I thought it might be fun to do a little digging while putting together this mix for Beautiful Freaks. I pulled up Radio Sessions, B-Sides, Demos, compilation tracks and more for this lesser heard and scrappier side of an already pretty unheard and pretty scrappy wee label. I’d be delighted if people found a new favourite in here.

Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love are a band I’ve been lucky enough to work with a bit in the past but “Sing Swan Song” predates this and is taken from “Hunters & Collectors: An OE Tribute To CAN” on the Other Electricities label.

I also threw in my favourite song of all time (“In Love” by Fear of Pop featuring William Shatner) because it’s always always worth hearing again. Thanks for taking an interest. I recently moved from real England to New England and this made me feel kinda legit for a minute while job hunting like a loser.

P.S if you’re new to the label, I wish I’d chosen a different name for it too. “Elder Statesman Records” is the current frontrunner.”


Below’s the tracklist, including three tracks at the start promoting the upcoming Beautiful Freaks gig in Oxford!

1. Eels – Beautiful Freak

2. Rainbow Reservoir – City Bike/Factor 10
3. Deerful – Two Thousand Hundred and Sixty
4. Blue House – Simple Song

5. Frog – Rubbernecking
6. Magana – Pages
7. Benjamin Shaw – Goodbye, Kagoul World (The Waiting Room Radio Session)
8. CHUCK – Mary Anne (Dandelion Radio Session)
9. Cloud – A Song of What Stays
10. Nosferatu D2 – The Kids from FAME
11. Jack Hayter – O Dreamland!
12. Wartgore Hellsnicker – Elephants in the Desert (Demo)
13. Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love – Sing Swan Song (CAN cover)
14. Fear of Pop – In Love (feat. William Shatner)
15. Bored Nothing – Black snuff pouch and scuffed mood ring (original version recorded while i was writing it, through my laptop speaker while i was watching ‘Castaway’ with Tom Hanks on TV, which by the way, did not make much of an impression on me)

-- Beautiful Freaks, January 23, 2017