Beautiful Freaks S05E04: Rainbow Reservoir LIVE + Flowers + Gun Outfit

On Valentine’s Day we were joined by Angela from Rainbow Reservoir, indie pop band from Oxford who unconsciously have channeled Heavenly in their songwriting. We filled the second half of this show with classic alternative love songs by Big Star, Daniel Johnston and the likes. At the end there is a beautiful songs Angela played live for us so don’t turn off before that!

Before that I was playing songs from Flower’s new album Everybody’s Dying to Meet You and Gun Outfit’s new Two Way Player EP. More typical Beautiful Freaks music you can’t find.

And, as promised, I’ve put the five ‘best singles of the week’ online as well, including some great music videos. Click here to listen to them.



1. Eels – Beautiful Freak

2. Tindersticks – Hey Lucinda
3. Yeasayer – Amen & Goodbye
4. Kevin Morby – I Have Been to the Mountain
5. Ezra Furman – Ordinary Life
6. JC Flowers – Ym Mhortcawl

7. Flowers – Ego Loss
8. Marine & The Diamonds – Happy

9. Flowers – Intrusive Thoughts
10. London Grammar – Wasting My Young Years

11. The Magnetic Fields – Railroad Boy
12. Flowers – Bathroom Sink

13. Gun Outfit – Expansion Pact
14. Kurt Vile – Never Run Away

15. Gun Outfit – Legends of my Own
16. Alamo Race Track – Unicorn Loves Deer

-- Beautiful Freaks, February 15, 2016