Beautiful Freaks S04E06: Beach House + Bug Prentice interview

This week a side-by-side comparison between the two most recent Beach House albums, Depression Cherry and Thank Your Lucky Stars, of which I definitely prefer the latter. Sadly, I hit ‘Record’ way too late so most of this isn’t on the podcast.

In the second hour of the show (after 27:30 in the podcast) I was joined by Ally Craig from Oxford-based band Bug Prentice who have released their new album The Way It Crumbles TODAY! We played some of his tracks and a selection of his favourites (including a very good song by The Soft Boys) and heard the story behind ‘Nebraska Admiral’. Ally also played a comical track called ‘Mustache’ live for us, so be sure to listen to that!

NEXT WEEK is the last show of this term/season and probably the last one of this year! So of course we’ll go over aaaaalll music of the past year – see how much I can fit in – and give you the best of the best. Listen!

-- Beautiful Freaks, November 23, 2015