Radio Schedule – Winter 2017

It’s now eight years ago that we made the first Beautiful Freaks radio show, and we’re still doing it with the same enthusiasm and amateurism. This season/term once again we’ve put together a programme featuring surprising playlists and interesting guests from the Oxford music scene. We’ll be on air at Oxide Radio every Tuesday from 8-9pm. Do also check out some of the other music shows on Oxide – yours truly is responsible for the music programming now so it should be good – including Don’t Believe the Hype, which is on right after us. If you can’t wait for Beautiful Freaks, take a look at our term schedule below!


Week 1 (14 January): Best of the 2018 (the rest)

It’s the first Beautiful Freaks Radio show of 2018! Although we’re still looking back: this episode features the best of 2017 that I only (re)discovered at the very end of that year, from St. Vincent to Dua Lipa.

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Week 2 (23 January): Scared to Get Happy vs. Nuggets<

Scared to Get Happy is a 5-cd compilation of 80s indie pop released by Cherry Red Records in 2013. I trawled through the 400 minutes of tracks by pioneers whose influence can still be heard in the music of Rainbow Reservoir, The Tuts and many, many others. A lot of it was shit, and some of it was extremely good; in this episode of Beautiful Freaks Radio, we only play  tracks from the latter category. Cherry Red mentions that the album is inspired by Nuggets, a compilation of psychedelic music from the 60s, and because this doesn’t sound to crazy we’ve interspersed the playlist with some great tracks off Nuggets. What fun!

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Week 3 (30 January): January Music Round-Up

With all these guests, interviews and thematic playlist, we hardly have time to play the best new indie music! To remedy this, we introduce the monthly music round-up, in which we’ll play the best tracks from the past month and discuss the albums that were released. For our first one at the end of January, you can count on tracks by Dream Wife, Have You Ever Seen the Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS?, and ShitKid, among others. 


Week 4 (6 February): Interview with The Relationships

Last year, we played The Relationships’ new track ‘Mike Oldfield’ in this radio episode. After that, the Oxford-bases band included us in the latest of their mailing list messages, making fun of our youth. All in good spirit, of course. In February, they’ll come on as guests on our radio show to talk about music new and old, as well as their own career and backcatalogue. 


Week 5 (13 February): Interview with Nightshift Mag

Nightshift Magazine is one of the real institutions of Oxford’s music scene. They’ve been around since before I was born and cover everything music-related that’s going around in Oxford. In this episode, we’ll interview their editor, Ronan, about the history of the magazine and what goes into making it every month. We’ll also talk about the Oxford music scene more generally, and play a few great tracks while we’re at it!


Week 6 (20 February): Interview with Tamara Parsons-Baker

We meant to interview Tamara last term, but unfortunately had to reschedule. Now it’s really happening! From her website: “Tamara Parsons-Baker has spent the past few years establishing herself as Oxford’s best double barrelled surname performer, and, in a not so subtle nod to the fact that she’s been literally slaughtering the competition, has a new band named Death of the Maiden.” We’re excited to talk to Tamara about her music and her new band. Rumour has it that there will be a new song out by then too!


Week 7 (27 February): February Music Round-Up

The same as the January Round-Up, but for February. There are already many albums we’re looking forward to, including Thea & The Wild, Ezra Furman, Rainbow Reservoir and Chemtrails, so it’ll be another good one!


Week 8 (6 March): TBA

What happens in Week 8 is still a surprise, but undoubtedly it will be good!

-- Beautiful Freaks, October 7, 2010