Radio Schedule – Spring 2017

Beautiful Freaks is back again on radio this spring! We’ve got more interviews, guest playlists and live sessions for you. Check out the schedule below to see what we’ve got in store this term.


Week 3 (7 May): Upset the Rhythm Guest Playlist

Upset the Rhythm is one of those labels you can always rely on. In the past they’ve brought us Rattle, Terry, Wetdog, Bamboo, The Wharves, Pega Monstro, Deerhof and most recently Rat Columns (see above). In this playlist they’ll showcase some of their own talent as well as any other favourites they might have. We’re looking forward to discovering what that is!


Week 4 (14 May): Interview with The Tuts

If you don’t know how mad we are about The Tuts you haven’t been following this blog. They’re one of the best current bands alive. Currently they’re on their ‘Give Us Something Worth Voting For’ tour (a name that became even more relevant after May’s snap elections were announced) and when they’re stopping in Oxford to play The Cellar we’ll have a chat with them about politics and other stuff. Check out their awesome cover of ‘Wannabe’ above.


Week 5 (21 May): Interview with Everett True

Beautiful Freaks has been influenced so much by Everett True that I feel there is almost no need to introduce him. He is, perhaps, most well-known for discovering grunge and having been close to Kurt Cobain, but I only discovered True’s writings two decades later, long after his ‘downfall’, through Collapse Board. In this show we’ll interview the legend over Skype, talking mainly about two of his recent books: The Electrical Storm: Grunge, My Part In Its Downfall, and The Slow Death of Everett True, his PhD Thesis on music criticism in a Web 2.0 environment.


Week 6 (28 May): Beautiful Summer ’17

Long-time follows of this blog will know that we put out a summer playlist each year to accompany you in your sunny days. 2017 is no different and on May the 28th we’ll be revealing our summer tunes for this year. Now we’ll just need to get the sun to shine first!


Week 7 (4 Jun): Live Session: Candy Says

Candy Says have come up with some of the best-written pop songs to have come out of Oxford. Their album Not Kings contained one treasure after another, each one of them catchy and well-crafted. Recently, they’ve worked on the soundtrack for the film Burn, Burn, Burn and through the grapevine we’ve heard they’re currently working on new music, of which they might very well play some live for us in June!

-- Beautiful Freaks, October 7, 2010