Radio Overview – Winter 2017


Here’s an overview of the shows we did past Hilary Term. As always, there’s a variety of genres and flavours, including guest playlists and interviews with figures from the Oxford music scene!

We will be back with more radio goodness at the end of April!

Week 2 (22 Jan): Audio Antihero Guest Playlist

One of our favourite new labels is Audio Antihero. In 2016, they brought us CHUCK as well as the mesmerising Magana, and upon further inspection their backcatalogue turns out to be just as stellar. To spread the word, we asked them to make a guest playlist for us, featuring some of their lesser known releases.



Week 4 (5 Feb): Interview with Simon Bailey (Future Perfect)

Simon Bailey is Future Perfect, who bring bands to Oxford, thereby filling a gap that desperately needed to be filled. In 4th week, we talked to him about the history of Future Perfect and the music scene in Oxford. Of course, great music was played as well.


Week 5 (12 Feb): Interview with Lee Adcock (TINA Drill)

If you’re following this blog you must have heard the name ‘This Is Not A Drill‘ mentioned a couple of times now. TINA Drill is a new music blog for which I write and they’re doing a lot of exciting and revolutionary stuff, with even more radical, hilarious and disastrous plans for 2017. For example, Lee, founder and ‘chief drill’, and I will be collaborating on a feature article about students disappearing from the music scene in college towns such as Oxford and Atlanta. For this radio show, she joined me on Skype to talk about this and other topics – and of course to play some GREAT music.


Week 6 (19 Feb): Iranian Music Special

This show was supposed to happen about a year ago – before I actually went to Iran – and despite many delays this time we’ve finally been able to do this. Joined by Margo, who has lived and studies in Tehran for a year, we listened to various bands from Iran, from the traditional to the indie to upcoming electronic sounds. An interesting and surprising show!


Week 7 (26 Feb): Live Session: Young Women’s Music Project

The Young Women’s Music Project  is an educational charity that offers free workshops for women aged 14-21, which provide an inclusive and supportive space for young women to make music together, learn new skills, express themselves, and grow in confidence. Recently, they’ve won the BBC Introducing Act of the Year Award! In 7th week, Zahra joined us live in the studio to talk about YWMP’s achievements and play us some of the music they’ve created.


Week 8 (5 Mar): Minimalism vs. Prog Face-Off

Joined by Beautiful Freaks regular Rob ‘song of the week: burger’ Rockwood, we played a mixture of minimalist music and prog-rock, aiming at a conceptual dissonance amounting to a small clash of civilisations, perhaps highlighting the genre’s similarities through Hegelian synthesis. Probably, though, it just was a musical mess.

-- Beautiful Freaks, October 7, 2010