PREMIERE: The Other Dramas – The Future Is a Holiday

Today we’re premiering the second single from Oxford’s The Other Dramas! ‘The Future Is a Holiday’ is a catchy garage pop track in the style of Wolf Alice. It’s a nice way to think about the future, too. After all, what lies in front of us is a sort of unknown adventure, an “undiscovered country“. On the other hand, holidays have a temporary aspect, whereas the future stretches unto – well, if not infinity, then at least death. There’s no coming home from the future. But when listening to The Other Dramas, this becomes a meaningless problem: whatever happens in the long run, it’s the uncertainty of the immediate future that we should enjoy. It doesn’t matter if there is a storm on the horizon, because holidays are also escapes. ‘The Future Is a Holiday’ tells us to think of the future as an adventurous escape, rather than that which we’re escaping from.

The track is below, as well as a little bit from Maria and Richie themselves on what it all means. We’ve also got the B-Side ‘Money’ for you. The single is out on June 29th!

“The Future is a Holiday” came together when we were dreaming of good times to come while feeling low. It has a happy go lucky summery feel but with a real edge you can tell the clouds are gathering… or are they clearing? Inspired by feeling close to nature and part of a bigger picture. Have you ever noticed the patterns that are all around us? – for every low there is a high and Spring follows Winter. It’s kind of comforting to think of the dawn when you’re in the dead of night. The future is a holiday so check in and enjoy your stay.


“Money” was written about materialism, karma and cause and effect. They say the love of money is the root of all evil and bad things happen if we are drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Singing about broken hearts we dare them to try and break ours – it’s a song of defiance! When greed is out of control does it sometimes cost too much?

-- Beautiful Freaks, June 15, 2018