Playlist: Beautiful Summer ’18

Playlist: Beautiful Summer '18

Our yearly summer compilations are by now a longstanding tradition of this blog. This year’s edition is a bit later than usual, but maybe that’s a good thing – summer only really starts by the end of June, after all, despite the glorious May we’ve had.

As always, this year’s Beautiful Summer contains a great deal of fantastic summer tunes, ranging from happy-go-lucky up tempo indie pop tracks to the more mellow songs that are ideal for lazy warm days. We’ve also got funk, dance, disco and chart pop on the playlist, so it’s as diverse as ever. I’ve put a lot of thought into the exact order, but I expect listeners to skip and shuffle at will, which is fine too.

Listen via the Spotify playlist below, or use this WeTransfer link to download the whole thing – the link will expire in about a week! As always, thanks to Agam Andreas for the artwork; this particular one is a glitched photo taken at Central Park, NY.

-- Beautiful Freaks, June 10, 2018