First time I wrote about CHUCK I called his music ‘profoundly annoying’. I think he took that for the compliment it was. CHUCK is like Kurt Vile’s younger brother who’s done a trip to Australia where he discovered The Twerps. This month he’s back with another record – his second and final one – Frankenstein Songs for the Grocery Store, and today we’re premiering ‘Time’, the B-side to the ‘Cherry Tree’ single. It’s a vulnerable down-tempo songs, which nonetheless manages to stay annoying in the same good way. It’s the ideal B-track, a song that’s a bit less catchy and goes a bit more in depth. Here’s what CHUCK himself has to say about it, and below is the track embed.

When I sat down to record this one, I was thinking about the band Tiger’s Jaw. One thing I really love about their music is how well they blend the male and female voices on the records. The other is the overall mood they capture. Their songs make me want to scream along out the window of my car. I like that. “Chemicals” is my favorite song by them. Anyways, I was trying to recreate the atmosphere of their music on “Time” and what you’re hearing is what came out of me. I feel like this is one of my more celtic songs as well. I’ve got a lot of Irish heritage in my blood and sometimes I think it comes out in my music. You might disagree, but I can imagine a group of Irish musicians banging out a faster version of this with flutes and fiddles.

Frankenstein Songs for the Grocery Store is out August 18th via Audio Antihero Records.

-- Beautiful Freaks, August 2, 2017