5 Best New Songs of the Week

After a short holiday break, here’s another 5 Best New Songs for you. Enjoy!


Adwaith – FEMME

Adwaith remain one of the most interesting groups around, both in and outside of Wales. Their new double A-side single Lipstick Coch/FEMME  proves that once more. Both songs are more open-ended and light-footed than some of Adwaith’s previous work, slightly lifting the veil of mystery that has always shrouded them. Both sides of the single are inspired by the C86 sound (or rather, by how we now remember C86), with ‘Lipstick Coch’ being more of a Slits-type track and my favourite ‘FEMME’ more closely resembling Talulah Gosh.

AFAIK there’s still no word on a debut album, but this single is out 25 August on Libertino Records.


Small Circle – Spinning

I like this song because the way the first line’s sung it sounds just like Katy Perry’s ‘Hot N Cold’ (great track), but ‘Spinning’ is totally not like that. Always a pleasure to be surprised and mislead. Intriguing opening line too: “You tie yourself to an idea of me that just does not exist”. I like my Katy Perry-reminiscent indie pop clever. And that old school guitar solo towards the end, to remind us that this is rock music after all. Yes, I’ll keep spinning ‘Spinning’ for a while!

Small Circle’s cyclical is out 8 September via Flower Girl Records – pre-order from Bandcamp


Holiday Ghosts – In My Head

Punk Slime Records rarely disappoint. ‘In My Head’, by Falmouth’s Holiday Ghosts, is a nice and sweet single, similar in its minimalism and understated melodrama to the Marine Girls. “Two guitars, drums, all of us sing, and we’re really good”, the band description reads, and I just love that: all of them sing, because why not, this is a democracy, this is a group of friends, this is a band, let’s all sing together.

Holiday Ghosts debut is out 22 September via PNK SLM Records.


Weaves – #53

Don’t you just love it when a guitar track manages to sound truly massive? In the end, it takes less than you’d think; Weaves’ ‘#53’ is not cluttered or overly loud in a conventional sense, but it’s big, it rocks, it’s punk alright, and it’s a sound that can conquer the world. “I don’t wanna think about you again / I don’t wanna dream about you again / I know I’m gonna cry about you aga-ain”, and all the emotion of those lines is there, sincere and amplified. I promise you, the next Weaves LP is gonna be big.

‘#53’ is off Wide Open which is out 6 October, pre-order here


Makthaverskan – In My Dreams

Makthaverskan is my most favourite underrated band from Sweden. They’re seriously good and no one knows about them! This is pop-punk with a bite, and Maja Milner’s voice is seriously good, because she sounds angry and small at the same time and surely we all feel that way sometimes? So I’m so excited a new album is coming, and maybe you should think of Makthaverskan like the punk version of Alvvays, which is really wonderful.

III is released by Run For Cover Records on October 20th.



Remember Factory Seconds? Great band, great tracks, and now they’ve got a great video too! Watch it below:

-- Caspar Jacobs, August 18, 2017