5 Best New Songs of the Week – 26/07/2017

Kim’s helped me with the selection of tracks this week; we should do that more often, I feel it improves the overall quality of what’s on offer. Here’s five new songs for you (on a Wednesday!), next week we’ll be back for more. Also, do us a pleasure and follow our Twitter.


Florist – What I Wanted to Hold

“What is love if not violent?”, Emily Sprague asks on ‘What I Wanted to Hold’. It’s that kind of track: the kind that’s closer to your heart than to your eardrums, the kind you feel against your skin like a soft breeze or a wet sweater, the kind that’s always whispered and never sung, for that would surely break the spell. It reminds me of when I lived on Little Clarendon Street in a small room with a chair next to the window that couldn’t quite open, so it was always warm even though it was autumn. Kim liked that chair so no wonder she likes this song, too.

If Blue Could Be Happiness is out 29 September via Double Double Whammy.


PATIENCE – White of an Eye

We’ve been fans of PATIENCE – who, just to remind you, is Roxanne Clifford from Veronica Falls – for a while, of course, so it’s good to hear some new music and to know that she’s still active. While ‘White of an Eye’ is not as good as the previous tracks – a little too light, a little too little – I’m charmed as always by the M83-esque talk-singing and the melancholy synths. Curious to hear what’s next!

Single ‘White of an Eye’ is released 22 September on Night School Records.


Tall Friend – Small Space

Another (seemingly) friendly, close-to-home track, reminiscent mostly of Adult Mom. There’s something interesting about the video too, only seeing the backs of what I presume are the members of Tall Friend. I wrote seemingly friendly, because behind the twee aesthetic is a dark reflection on mortality (“I can run fast, but not fast enough”). As it should be.

Tall Friend’s album Safely Nobody’s is out 11 August on Exploding In Sound.


FRESH – I’ll Be Back

This track by FRESH isn’t the most original – I’ve heard the same sound before, and better e.g. old Diet Cig – but there’s something about it that keeps me attracted. Perhaps Kathryn Woods honest enthusiasm. I believe what she sings (“I hope that these anti-depressants will make me feel a little less / Anti-depressed, I guess”), even though the lyrics aren’t particularly revelatory. That’s the way music works sometimes: you can’t always trace back the steps. Just one last thing: what’s up with the all-caps band names? That’s the second one this week! (EDIT: it appears it’s actually Fresh without the all-caps. Sorry for the misunderstanding.)

FRESH’s debut is out August 18th via Specialist Subject Records.


Loyal Lobos – The Fall

This track I had to hear thrice to appreciate it (Kim heard it immediately). But ‘The Fall’ is a beautiful whirlpool of sadness and resilience, tinted with the slightest hint of country twirl (or is that Colombia, in the distance?). Could be the new Ratboys already. The EP of this loyal wolf, also titled The Fall, is out in September and is something to look forward to.

-- Beautiful Freaks, July 26, 2017