4 Best New Songs of the Week – 25/06/2017

Long time no see! I got a bit tired of these features, plus exams of course. Let’s try to pick up the pace again. Here’s 4 (not 5) new songs for you.


Tugboat Captain – Don’t Want to Wake Up On My Own

Of course I’ll feature a band whose name is taken from the most beautiful Galaxie 500 song. “I wanna be a tugboat captaaain”. ‘Don’t Want to Wake Up On My Own’ perhaps echoes Galaxie 500, too, but despite the title it sounds far less helpless, much more friendly. Still, I can’t help but fall for the melody. Looking forward to hear more of the captain.


Katie Von Schleicher – Sell It Back

This is weird pop. Lots of uncanny creaky sounds and hardly a catchy melody – but there’s something to it. It’s from Katie Von Schleicher’s upcoming album Shitty Hits (I would always listen to an album with such a title), out 28 July on Ba Da Bing Records.


Jad Fair, Tenniscoats and Norman Blake – Thank You

This reminds me of The Beatles’ ‘Good Night’ (and that is an underrated track). It’s a bit too cute, of course, but no one’s ever died of that. The full album, Raincoats – which is a double LP, by the way – is out 30 June on Joyful Noise Records (who are really on it these days!).


Guided By Voices – Just to Show You

This is a pity vote. Guided By Voices seem to be destined to be ignored and forgotten. In the past 5 years they’ve released a whole slew of alternately relevant and irrelevant albums – mostly irrelevant though, but the highlights are high enough. There’s a new one in August, apparently. I’ll keep rooting for the losers.

-- Caspar Jacobs, June 25, 2017