5 Best New Songs of the Week – 29/05/2017

Here’s 5 new songs and later this week, we’ll present our BEAUTIFUL SUMMER playlist!


Just Friends And Lovers – Spit It Out

‘Spit It Out’ is fun. And often, that’s all a song has to be. Friends enjoying themselves, singing and dancing in cars. The bandname says it all: Just Friends And Lovers. They sound like Chastity Belt, but less political, more laid-back. They’re from Vienna, I believe, and this single is out now on Numavi Records.


nick nicely – Ghostdream

Remember nick nicely? Well, if you don’t, see here or listen to ‘Hilly Fields’. He’s releasing a new album in September, and this Friday has seen the release of a new single called ‘Ghostdream’. Interesting sounds, as always. The single is available here via Tapete Records.


Oro Swimming Hour – Overthrown

Art Is Hard Records are absolutely killing it these days (see also: Factory Seconds) and this new track by Oro Swimming Hour is again lovely. ‘Overthrown’ is subtle and broken, echoing the likes of Sparklehorse. They’ve got an album out in July which can be pre-ordered here.


Basement Revolver – Johnny Pt. 2

Lastly, a solid track by Basement Revolver called ‘Johnny Pt. 2’. Wide, open and dreamy, kind of like Daughter but less folky and with more guitars. You can pre-order the EP here – hopefully ‘Part 1’ will be on it too.

-- Beautiful Freaks, May 29, 2017