5 Best New Songs of the Week – 19/05/2017

Yes, this one’s been gone for a while – I blame the lack of remarkable songs I’ve heard over the past few weeks. But here we are, back with 5 songs to my (and your) liking. At the radio front I’m not sure what’s happening, but if not live we’ll get you some nice podcasts!


Terry – Take Me to the City

Terry! I’m still ashamed we didn’t review their debut Terry HQ last year, but fortunately there will be a second chance soon as the band’s second album Remember Terry is out 30th June on none other than Upset the Rhythm. ‘Take Me to the City’ is predictably great: it’s that killer combination of catchy and lazy that makes it all sound so effortless, which in turn removes the distance between band and listener. If there’s gonna be one album I will put on repeat all summer it’s gotta be this one.


Girl Ray – Preacher

Girl Ray immediately got me with that first single ‘Trouble’, but afterwards I lost track a bit. Compared to ‘Trouble’, I felt some of the other songs I heard were too ballad-y, not enough hooks. But listening to ‘Preacher’, I realise that I should embrace this side of Girl Ray, too. This new track indeed starts out as a fragile ballad, but turns up the volume a third in and damn. There’s something about the way Poppy Hankin’s voice jumps around next to the piano that just works. Another summer album I’m really looking forward to (out 8th of August via Moshi Moshi Records).


Pole Siblings – Nog Va He Bra

When I first heard ‘Nog Va He Bra’, I thought the song was in Polish – undoubtedly misled by the band name. Turns out it’s actually a Finnish-Swedish dialect. It’s beautiful all the same. There’s something mysterious to it, something soft and old. In general, I’m quite happy with the uptake in non-English music, with an especially good effort from the Welsh front as well. Pole Siblings sound like a forgotten summer holiday in the cool shade of a great wood.

Pole Sibling’s EP It Might Grow is out 16th July via Strangers Candy. 


Beach House – Chariot

Beach House don’t need an introduction, do they? I didn’t quite like their last two albums – especially not Depression Cherry – but this sounds as good as they ever did. Taken from their B-sides and Rarities album out 30 June via Bella Union.


WHY? – The Barely Blur

WHY? is one of those bands I’ve heard of, and possibly heard a few songs, but I don’t really know who they are or what they sound like. This one I clicked on half-accidentally, but I was immediately captivated by the garbled voice – reminded me somewhat of that beautiful The Tallest Man On Earth song ‘Kids on the Run’. ‘The Barely Blur’ is a pretty, lush track, tragic (“hold on, hold on”) but determined. The video reminds me of The Leftovers. Their album’s out now via Joyful Noise Recordings and I might go and check that out now.

-- Caspar Jacobs, May 19, 2017