5 Best New Songs of the Week – 29/04/2017

Here’s another five great songs for you. TOMORROW we’re revealing our radio line-up, so keep watching this space.

Peaness – Same Place

I like Peaness. (Read that aloud). I’ve been thinking about genres and stuff a bit these days. You know when you hear about a band that you ‘should’ like? They play the same festivals as all your faves, are signed to the same labels, they even sound the same and yet… they haven’t got what the others have got. That ‘it’ comes down to good songs, of course – good in the subjective sense here. And I know it’s my task a music critic to explicate what that is, a good song. But I’d much rather show than tell. So here’s Peaness. They got it.

Peaness‘ EP Are You Sure? is out 5 May on Alcopop Records – available for pre-order here.


Sløtface – Magazine

Our favourite Norwegians Sløtface always manage to come up with a good phrase or two. On ‘Magazine’, that’s “Patti Smith would never put up with this shit!”. Add to that that the polite guys and girls still play with the amateurish enthusiasm of teenagers – look, we can be rock stars too! – and you’ve got another killer song. They just keep writing ’em, so I’m in no doubt that that the just announced debut album will be full of hits.

Sløtface’s debut Try Not to Freak Out is out 15 September via Propeller Recordings. Pre-order here.


Finnmark! – Going Nowhere

The foremost reason for including this track is the social housing in the video. Frontman Edward Forth writes: “To me they are a thing of great hope and beauty. Simple housing for normal people. All of the buildings in the video are everyday sights for me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The video relates to the song in the way that it is about seeing the beauty in the everyday, and appreciating what you have”. I like that perspective. It fits wonderfully well with the song, a strange sort of positivity.

‘Going Nowhere’ can be found on the Secret Gardens compilation put out by Fallen Love Records.


Haim – Right Now

Haim are definitely pop superstars right now. Which makes sense, since they’ve been writing catchy tunes for a while, and they got that cool feel that everyone envies. So it makes me happy to hear that on ‘Right Now’, they’re trying something different instead of cashing in on their popularity. Sure, it’s still a grandiose pop song that’ll work well on the festival grounds. But the slow build-up with those roaring guitars is bold and the climax understated, despite the euphoria. “That’s how you fucking do it” indeed!

HAIM’s sophomore album Something to Tell You is out 7 July.


HMS Morris – Arth 

To finish off, some left-field music from, where else, Wales. ‘Arth’ is slow and mysterious, with many sounds coming from different directions leaving you in a disoriented state. Is there one singer, or two, or is it a whole army of supranatural creatures? We don’t know. The other track on this double A-side (released on Waco Gwenci) Morbid Mind, is entirely different. What a bag full of surprises.



You might remember us raving about Factory Seconds a while ago. Well, they’ve got a video for ‘Caught in the Layers’ now and we figured we should share it, so there you go! Enjoy the weekend.

-- Caspar Jacobs, April 29, 2017