5 Best New Songs of the Week – 24/04/2017

I know it’s been silent on here – busy times, busy times – but soon we’ll be revealing this term’s radio line-up and that’s gonna be really good, with multiple interviews and other interesting stuff. So keep following this place!


Shamir – Hope

Hope is not a song, but an album, recorded over a single weekend. As Shamir writes in the liner notes “Im not gonna lie, this album is hard to listen to”. True that is. Hope is a beautiful piece of lo-fi pop obviously written straight from the heart. As if Ezra Furman woke up one day as Frankie Cosmos. As real as it gets.


Deerful – Subjects of Our Love

Here’s another bedroom pop artist of a very different kind. I suppose every Beautiful Freaks listener by now is familiar with Deerful – we even invited her to come play in Oxford at our first (and so far only) ever gig. We also included her Staying Still EP in our Best Albums of 2016 Top 10, half-jokingly telling her she would have to live up to the expectations on her actual debut. If ‘Subjects of Our Love’ is anything to go by, she certainly will.

Deerful’s debut album Peach will be released on the 2nd of June via WIAIWYA.


Lovely Bad Things – Hiding to Nothing

For all those 90s revival people who like Sleater-Kinney. I’m not quite certain yet whether this is a thing we want, but ‘Hidng to Nothing’ captivates me nevertheless. It makes me think there is no use in making any general statements about the need for a grunge revival; as long as the songwriting’s good, all is good. So Lovely Bad Things are good.

Lovely Bad Things release their new EP Homebodied via Burger Records on 12 May.


The Wild Things – Tell Me Why

Sometimes there’s one and only one reason why I decide to include a track in this feature. Here it’s Sydney White’s sob in her voice when she sings “Tell me why-y-yyy”. That might very well be her acting background showing through. The rest of the track is solid too, by the way, and I’m curious to hear what else we’ll hear from The Wild Things.


Waxahatchee – Silver

Although having known the name for a while, I only got into Waxahatchee quite recently. Which is a shame: she’s seriously good. There’s this juxtaposition of grungy noise with Girlpool’s soft catchiness which just works. ‘Silver’ is a track that pretty much speaks for itself, and it bodes well for her upcoming album.

Out in the Storm is out 14 July via Merge Records.

-- Caspar Jacobs, April 24, 2017