5 Best New Songs of the Week – 02/04/2017

Factory Seconds – Caught in the Layers

Now this is a good song! It surprises you, misleads you, it shocks, thrills and chills. The guitar riff is My Bloody Valentine updated, but no one’s done that kind of thing for a long time now and certainly no one’s done it this well. The singing is… there’s a human being behind it. The verses are Courtney Barnett lazy, the choruses Galaxie 500 desparate. Slowly back away. Factory Seconds – whoever they are – know how to be urgent. They know that special power of music, the potency that goes beyond as usual tricks and effects music has on you, beyond what this column is usually about: it makes you feel alive. No, that’s wrong – I know I’m alive. But it makes you feel the ways in which that fact is special and strange and wonderful, sometimes in a painful way. And it’s no coincidence that’s roughly how a friend of mine once described the essence of god.

I might be exaggerating here – though if I am, then there was good reason for it. Gonna keep following this band, for sure.


Emperor X – Schopenhauer in Berlin

We’ve featured Emperor X before and since I already commented on the similarities with The Mountain Goats, I won’t repeat that observation again. It’s pretty obvious anyway. But last time, I feared Emperor X would be fun for a song, but get boring after that. ‘Schopenhauer in Berlin’ refutes that. It shows the same kind of mad energy. If this were a film soundtrack, it’d be for a scene in which people carelessly do risky stuff.

Emperor X’s album Oversleepers International is out 5th of May via Tiny Engines.


Stutter Steps – Floored

Via our faves This Is Not a Drill. Here’s Lee: “But somewhere between the sweet jangling and precious harmonies on “Floored”, somewhere between Flying Nun sun rays and C86 sugar (i.e. the Chills to the Jasmine Minks, the Clean to the Primitives, and so on and so forth), the solace of movement splashes through you like bittersweet memory.”. Well, nothing to add.


ShitKid – Tropics

I like the way the “du da du da du du” that sets off ‘Tropics’ sounds both catchy and threatening. This is definitely not a happy beach fantasy – quite the contrary it’s being trapped in a fishbowl or swimming on the North Pole when the ice haps have melted. Intriguing.

ShitKid’s album Fish (there’s clearly a theme here) is out 2 June via PNKSLM.


And that’s it! There’s only four songs this time because I could only find four good songs, and I don’t want to waste your time with something that lacks the necessary quality to be featured here. Enjoy the week!

-- Caspar Jacobs, April 3, 2017