5 Best New Songs of the Week – 19/02/2017

Tonight we’ll have a radio show about music from Iran! I’m very curious what we’ll hear. Listen from 8pm via this website, and see the full schedule for this season here. Here’s five new songs for your Sunday!


Adwaith – Haul

Another song by this mysterious Welsh band! As my colleagues at For the Rabbits point out, it’s not clear at all whether this new single is a sign of an album or EP soon to appear, or if it’s a one-off, like that sunny winter day that yet is followed by a week of rain. Talkin’ bout summer, ‘Haul’ sounds fresh and breezy and I’ve put the lyrics through Google Translate for confirmation, although there also seems to be a painful Goodbye implicit in the song. Yes, everything about Adwaith is covered in smoke, and still they are bright and exciting.


Los Campesinos! – The Fall of Home

Los Campesinos! is an awful band with great songs. I fell for this debut, but soon tired of their hyperactive shouting. I’m a quiet person myself. Lost track of ’em then. This track, though, is gold. I know I compare every other band with Belle & Sebastian, but here you go, this reminds me of Belle & Sebastian. Cover art and all. Lush strings, a single bright colour, kids getting bullied at school. I might very well listen to that upcoming album.

Los Campesinos!’ sixth (!) album is out next week Friday, February 24st, on Wichita Recordings.


Très Oui – Fall Back

More wistful pop, though this time a bit louder. Via TINA Drill, of course. Reminds me a bit of The Twerps, though those people aren’t from Australia (and neither from France, as far as I know). The prize comes at the end, with that sequence Randy Floss describes as “echo chamber vocal and strange tape warble”. I used to listen to cassettes too, though not music, but stories and fairy tales. It’s part of the fabric of youth all the same.

You can buy Très Oui’s EP, containing ‘Fall Back’, from their Bandcamp!


Moss – With You

Moss is one of the most established indie bands in the Netherlands, with some great songs, but this might be their best yet. They excel at what all Dutch musicians excel at: pure craftmanship. So it is with this song, but for the first time there is also something extra. Call it feeling, or spirit. I haven’t heard the rest of the album yet, but if it’s as good then what the music press are claiming might be true: best Dutch indie album of the past five years.

You can buy Strike from Excelsior Recordings here.


The Khanz – Be Somebody

I’ve got no idea what this is. This week’s wildcard. From Australia, I think. It sounds like annoying hipster-crap: somewhere in between Coldplay, M83 and Vampire Weekend. And Animal Collective. But somehow, it works, or at least I think. Intriguing enough (annoying enough) to include here. Listen and decide for yourself.

The Khanz’ debut Mistakes That Nature Made is out March 7th.

-- Beautiful Freaks, February 19, 2017