Best New Singles & Videos of the Week – 11/12/2016

Maybe you thought we were gone. Maybe you didn’t even notice we were missing. Anyway, we’re back, with the LAST installment of ‘Best New Singles’ for the year (unless there’s more GREAT new music that needs to be heard out there). Keep your eyes open for our end-of-the-year coverage though. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll have an official BF Top 10, followed by the traditionalĀ Beautiful 2016 playlist, and a couple of individual retrospectives from our Oxford writers. But first, the music!


Molly Nilsson – Money Never Dreams

Looking forward not backward: Molly Nilsson’s upcoming LP is one of next year’s records I’m already looking forward to. Ah, how dreamy this is. Money as a nightmare terror, always around the corner. And realistically, that’s what it is, isn’t it? Every time in a different disguise, continually one step ahead… Is this our century’s Pink Floyd’s ‘Money’? Except that they were far too rich, too much part of the capitalist system, to ever genuinely criticise it. This is much better.

Molly Nillson’s upcoming album Imaginations is out 24 January on Night School Records.


Enderby’s Room – Lakeside

Like I was saying: looking forward. Enderby’s Room’s debut is another one we’re primed for. Ticks all the boxes, really: released on Fika Recordings; lovely guest vocals fromĀ Deerful‘s; previously released track ‘Old Friend’ is great too (you can hear it here, at Beautiful Freaks!). Bring back the folky part of indie!

Enderby’s Debut is out on February 17; pre-order from Fika Recording’s Bandcamp.


Mega Bog – London

Is this what London sounds like? I’ve been there a fair few times, but the city comes in many guises. This is somewhere dark, somewhere alone, places where voices accompany you – the kind of places where Burial walked when they were still good. But towards the end, the track turns around with a warmer kind of gloom. London is, in its own way, a city of (my) love.

Mega Bog’s second album Happy Together (no, not a Turtles tribute) is released on February 3rd via Nicey Records.


Graceland – Fleetwood

Via The Girls Are. It is too obvious to namedrop Fleetwood Mac. Let’s go for St. Vincent, then. This is far less straightforward anyway. Or that other band, Jemima Surrender (shamefully ignored). In other words: it’s pop, but not poppy. Or is it the other way ’round? I need to listen to this track another ten times, and with pleasure.

This is Graceland’s first single, no word on an album or EP yet.


The Sloppy Heads – The Suck

Amateurish. Almost wasn’t gonna include this. But then the “you-ooh-ooh-whoo-oh-ooh” caught me off guard. Like a lo-fi Christmas song. But I wish they didn’t overlay music with so much fuzz these days. IT’S THE VOICES I WANT TO HEAR! I want an a capella version of ‘The Suck’. I want the purity of music. Especially when it sounds like this. (But I’ll listen to it all the same.)

The Sloppy Head’s Useless Smile is out January 27th on Shrimper Records.

-- Beautiful Freaks, December 13, 2016