Premiere: Stanley Brinks and the Old Time Kaniks – Monique

This is straight in from the lovely Fika Recordings: Stanley Brink’s second single for his upcoming record Vieilles Caniques/Nouvelles Caniques. You heard it here first:

Do you remember when we called Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver ‘folk’? Well, laugh at ourselves now. This is folk. It’s got a fiddle, not a violin, and a banjo that’s not being played as loud and as fast as possible like a substitute guitar.

I don’t actually know much about this type of folk – Stanley Brinks has been in the scene for decades, released over a 100 albums and played with Arcade Fire, Calvis Johnson and others  – but somehow I’m reminded of our recent Nobel laureate Bob Dylan. It’s the nasality of Brinks’ voice, the flowing rhythm of the lyrics, the methods of the singer-songwriter. And you know how Dylan’s harmonica sometimes works on your nerves, even though without it Blonde On Blonde would never have been as good? Well, the fiddle solo’s on ‘Monique’ have a similar kind of effect.

Stanley Brinks and the Old Time Kaniks’ double album Vieilles Caniques/Nouvelles Caniques is out on the 13th of January, of course on Fika Recordings. Their previous single ‘Right Down My Alley’, by the way, was featured on a guest playlist Fika did for us, which is full of other gems too!

-- Beautiful Freaks, November 25, 2016