Best New Singles & Videos of the Week – 18/09/2016

A little bit less *new* music this week than normally, but instead I’ve got three music videos at the bottom. First, though, listen to:


I don’t know of any current band that sounds as much like Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd as The Lovely Eggs. And that’s a fantastic sound! This new and quite heavy-sounding single Drug Braggin’ amps up the psychedelic. Despite the repetitive lyrics (mostly just repeating the words “drug bragging”), or maybe because, the track sticks. The single is out on the 28th of October – hopefully the B-side is just as nice. Also, The Lovely Eggs might make an appearance in our radio show next month when they’re touring Oxford! Keep following us for the announcement of our full radio schedule.

Next up is another new single by Jenny Hval, called ‘Period Piece’. When contemplating that title – because everything Jenny Hval does should be contemplated – think of the fact that the fact that her forthcoming album Blood Bitch is a concept album about menstruation blood and vampires. And it sounds fantastic! Songs like ‘Period Piece’ are perhaps slightly less experimental, adding a cinematic twist to Hval’s conceptual lyrics, but not a bit less interesting. Blood Bitch is out the 30th of September on Sacred Bones.

And no, we’re not done with synths yet, because PATIENCE has released another fine piece of synth pop. We’ve written earlier about this project of Roxanne Clifford (from Veronica Falls) and while ‘The Pressure’ is not as good as previous single ‘The Church’, both together are promising for future output from PATIENCE.

Then there’s The Ruby Shots. I wasn’t going to feature them, I wasn’t even going to read the rest of their e-mail after the most generic introduction possible. “I love BF, it’s exactly the kind of music I listen to” – yeah right. But then I listened to ‘Doldrums’ anyway and well, there is the way it sounds just a little bit off, amateurish even, but catchy too, and now I like this. And I still don’t know if I’ve been tricked, or if they were sincere, but good music is good music.

(ADDITION: Dylan from The Ruby Shots got in touch to let us know he is a genuine fan of Beautiful Freaks! Always trust the music.)



There are also some videos – I’d say they aren’t works of art, but they are funny or interesting and more importantly, the songs are ones we’re more than happy to feature once again. I’m not going to write anything else here, but click the links to find out what we’ve said before about Martha, Luxury Death and The Goon Sax.

-- Caspar Jacobs, September 18, 2016