Playlist: Beautiful Summer ’16

Here it is: Beautiful Summer ’16, this year’s best ever summer playlist. With 29 tunes that will make you sing, swing, celebrate the end of spring, smile, dance and book a holiday in France. There’s indie pop, jazz, rock, bubblegum pop, techno(?), rock. There are strange songs, catchy songs, good songs – but no bad ones!


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Listening instructions: well, you can listen to this playlist however and whenever you want. Like Vitamin C tablets, there is no maximum dosage and it’s definitely healthy for you. Having said that, the *best* way to listen to Beautiful Summer ’16 is to make sure that the last song starts just as the sun has set. So for example, in London sunset today will be at 21.07, so if you start listening at 19.30 you’re in the sweet spot. But seriously, just put it on your iPod and listen all the time!

Artwork, as always, by A. Andreas.

And here’s the Spotify playlist (note that some songs in the playst aren’t available on Spotify!):

-- Beautiful Freaks, August 25, 2016