Best New Singles & Videos of the Week – 21/08/2016

A lot of *new* GREAT songs again! Hope everyone’s still enjoying their summer – next installment of this series will be next week for a chance since the week after we’ll be enjoying the stunning line-up of End of the Road Festival!


Rainbow Reservoir – Coco Sleeps Around

First off: Rainbow Reservoir, best Oxford band you can find! ‘Coco Sleeps Around’ continues their own brand of ‘loser pop’, the better kind of indie pop. I’ve already heard the EP and it’s glorious. It’s out September 10th at Odd Box Records, and you can already pre-order here!


The Primitives – Been Hiding

For a band that’s been around for such a long time, this is pretty cool – they’ve still got it. One of those happy thoughtless summer tracks. This is for a cassette for international cassette day which to me seems a bit backwards, but hey, nostalgia sells and it’s the music that really matters.


Luxury Death – Radiator Face

And this is just perfection. It’s like The Pastels and The Smashing Pumpkins but BETTER and younger and whooo! The song misses a catchy melody but it doesn’t matter cause it has that bittersweet drive. Apparently a second single will follow soon in September, so keep track!


Little Kid – nothing that is was ever meant to be

Music for a rainy day? Like today in Amsterdam. Reminds me a bit of Sun Kil Moon but folkier and dreamier, and also reminds me a bit of a machine. Little Kid’s album is out 26th of August (soon!) and if the rest is as hypnotic and beautiful as this it’ll be pretty.


Daydreams – Drive

This is a bit manic. Like instruments on a big pile, like a broken bike, and then there’s the catchy ‘dadadadada’. Garage pop? But a bit deranged. I find it hard to decide if this is good or not. In any case, the album’s been out for a while and can be downloaded here.


That’s it for this week – and believe me it was very difficult to keep it down to just five songs – and may I just suggest that for next week’s supposed heatwave you download our Beautiful Summer ’16 compilation which is still available?

-- Caspar Jacobs, August 21, 2016