Best New Singles & Videos of the Week – 07/08/2016

Still doing this series at a summer pace, although this week (two weeks) there was a lot of good music so I’m posting a couple more songs than the usual five or so. The order is, as always, pretty random. Except the next Best New Music again in two weeks, in the meantime we’re still
posting reviews regularly!


SLØTFACE – Take Me Dancing

This kind of enthusiasm is irresistible! “Plea-ease, take me out dancing this Saturday night!” The line that follows, “Get me a little bit drunk I won’t ask why” might seem questionable, but that’s missing the point says lead singer Haley Shea: “The feminism we have faith in is all about individualism and being free to be yourself regardless of gender. Yes, we believe in equal rights for all genders, but we also like partying and drinking and sometimes we make mistakes, and that’s okay.” And there’s more to like: the band is from Stavangar, Norway, a town I only know because one of my best friends lives there, and this song is supposed to be an answer to Big Star’s beautiful ‘Thirteen’. Apparently an album is on its way but I can’t find the details.


The Shondes – Everything Good

This is irresistible too!!! Is this pop? How can this be pop if this violin rocks all the way from here to the other end of the world? And although I haven’t given the lyrics a close listen, I love the way ‘Everything Good’ sounds unashamedly POSITIVE. The title gives it away, really. The album is out September 16th on Exotic Fever Records. Watch out for this hurricane!


Fightmilk – Winter Boy

And this, this, this, I can’t resist this either! This reminds me of the ramblings of Neutral Milk Hotel, or more recently Antlered Aunt Lord, though slightly less excessive, less obsessive. But just as hurried, as urgent, as all-over-the-place. And a bit more British too. Huge thanks to For the Rabbits for discovering this for me. Their EP is out, click here to buy.


Weaves – Human (Live from Old Granada Studies)

Technically not a new song, but we’ve never written about Weaves before even though they’re badass, and especially since Jasmyn Burke is a woman of colour it’s important to promote them given the overwhelming whiteness of indie. But of course the music stand on its own. This is the kind of punk that’s not overly frantic, angry or messy; rather ‘Human’ is a pointy but structured song and this video shows their live qualities. They’re playing a couple of shows including End of the Road Festival and I’m very excited to go see them!


Jenny Hval – Conceptual Romance

By now the name ‘Jenny Hval’ is a guarantee for quality music. This song has been described as her most accessible yet, but ‘yet’ is the keyword there as this isn’t really easy-listening at all. As always, it will take a while to discovered and understand, but this is certainly rasing the expectations for the album Blood Bitch even higher! It’s out the 30th of September on Sacred Bones Records.


serpentwithfeet – blisters

Slowly we’re sinking, segueing into the unknown. I don’t know how to place serpentwithfeet, ANOHNI’s work as Antony and Joanna Newsom seem like obvious reference points, but superficially so. But it’s beautiful, making tangible the “cultural trauma, cultural mourning, African American mourning” the song explores. The album Blisters is out on September 2nd!


Goat – Try My Robe
I’ve tried to include this track because I listened to it and then bookmarked it which is what I do when I like music – but it appears to have pretty much disappeared from the internet?! Try this link, maybe it does work for you.


GUIGUISUISUI – Low Interest Salvation

And we’re ending this with something positively weird. This is – I think – a parodic critique of neoliberalism inspired by the writings of Naomi Klein. And it’s strange and it’s fun and I’m just gonna leave it there.

-- Beautiful Freaks, August 4, 2016