Best New Singles & Videos of the Week – 12/06/2016

Here’s five new things! Some of these are older songs with a new video. Sadly there will be no radio today, but stay tuned because next week there’ll be a superb guest review of Car Seat Headrest’s new album on BF.


Night Flowers – Glow in the Dark

This is a nice song at the louder edge of dream pop (which means it’s still relatively quiet). The music video, shot in Tokyo, has a Lost in Translation-feel, and according to the description the song “reflects on themes of distance and time, and the close bonds that are effected by neither”. There’s a single out in July but I expect that by then my interest will have faded a bit. Still worth a few listens!


Wye Oak – Watching the Waiting

Another quiet song, by a band whose name sounds very familiar, but I don’t think I’ve heard anything by them. ‘Watching the Waiting’ is a folky track starting with a good tempo and accelerating until a moderate explosion 2/3rds in, the electronics slumbering in the background suddenly becoming prominent. Violins joyously tumble down and the song quite suddenly comes to a stop, but I’d immediately play it again.


MØ – Final Song

Somehow, in the midst of plenty of electropop bands, at least half of them from Scandinavia, MØ manages to curve out her own space, characterised by a splash of silly be-yourself dancing, a catchy voice and most of all surprising and very very enjoyable hooks. ‘Final Song’ is no exception, being just as good as previous hits ‘Waste of Time’ or ‘Don’t Wanna Dance’, though perhaps a bit more heavy on ‘electro’ in electropop. And (although this is the most cliche thing to say), indeed let’s hope this won’t be her final song.


Deerhoof – Acceptance Speech

Something quite different then. On ‘Acceptance Speech’, Deerhoof manage to combine the wrong side of the 70s with a pointy indie punk sound. Throw some strange high-pitched vocals in the mix and we’ve got something that sounds quite unique. Again, I have to confess that although Deerhoof is a familiar name, I don’t know if I’ve heard anything by them before, but this song makes me curious about their upcoming album The Magic, to be released June 24th.


Suggested Friends – I Can’t Roll My Eyes That Far (Back)

And here’s something cute to close off with. It’s a typical DIY jangle song reminiscent of recent indie pop victories like Wolf Girl but with less guitars. Apparently, the video is a critique of elitist music scenes. In any case, it’s pretty funny, just like the bandname.

-- Beautiful Freaks, June 12, 2016