Beautiful Summer ’15


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From where I’m writing, it’s still one rainy day for every sunny one (oh lovely England). But I’ve been getting complaints from Beautiful Freaks readers that they really want the summer playlist NOW. Of course, we have to give in to these demands. Beautiful Summer ’15 is for the fans. For the music lovers. For the sun freaks. For the beautiful people outside. If you see someone walking on the street, earphones plugged in, happy faces, you know it: they’re listening to Beautiful Summer ’15. It will literally be everywhere. You will have to shut down your Facebook account because your complete wall will be this playlist. They will soon remove all other songs on Spotify. They will install speakers in every major city, continually playing Beautiful Summer ’15, so it feels like your life has a soundtrack. Et cetera et cetera. Have fun!

Artwork, as always, by Andreas.

1. The Sundays – My Finest Hour
2. Charli XCX – Shake It Off
3. Alvvays – Archie, Marry Me
4. Heavenly – Atta Girl
5. Shop Assistants – All Day Long
6. The Primitives – Crash
7. The Vaselines – Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam
8. The Pastels – Truck Train Tractor
9. Foxygen – Hot Summer
10. The Velvet Underground – What Goes On
11. The Modern Lovers – Roadrunner
12. Beat Happening – Indian Summer
13. Marine Girls – In Love
14. The Twerps – Back to You
15. Tiger Trap – Puzzle Pieces
16. Honeyblood – Killer Bangs
17. Chastity Belt – Cool Slut
18. Avi Buffalo – Found Blind
19. Ariel Pink – White Freckles
20. Belle & Sebastian – Enter Sylvia Plath
21. The Arab Strap – The First Big Weekend

-- Beautiful Freaks, May 27, 2015