Beautiful Freaks’ Best Of 2018: Overview

2018 has been a great year for music, with outstanding new releases from our old favourites such as Mitski, Okkervil River and Anna Calvi, as well as plenty of new discoveries, like HatchieLucy Dacus and The Essex Green (the latter, admittedly, only new to us). We’ve compiled all our end-of-the-year coverage in a handy overview below, so you can check out this year’s favourites of all our contributors. There’s also a Spotify playlist and radio podcast in the mix, to listen to whilst reading these accounts of a year in music. More to come!

  1. Best Of 2018 Radio Podcast: Admittedly, on December 2nd this radio podcast was a bit early, but it’s a good overview of our favourite records of the year, presented by Caspar and Kim.
  2. The Best 5 Albums 0f 2018: This is our ‘official’ Top 5 Albums of the Year! Although, “these five albums are not the albums I have most played or most enjoyed this year; they are not my favourites, and neither are they what I consider the ‘best’ album in some ‘objective’ sense. Some are only on this list on the merits of a single song. Others made it because I went to a gig which made me recontextualise the music. What they all have in common is that these five albums illustrate the importance of music: the way it lifts you up, makes you fall in love, be yourself, and changes you philosophically. That’s what this list is about.”
  3. Georgina’s Best Album(s) of 2018: Adrianne Lenker’s solo debut ‘abysskiss’ was one of the most emotionally intense albums of the year. When it came out we didn’t get to cover it, so we’re glad that Georgina has written a beautiful piece on it as her favourite album of 2018.
  4. Rowena’s Top 4 of 2018: Our new contributor Rowena has written on the four albums which “throughout this tumultuous year, have soothed me to sleep and strengthened my nerve, kept me company on interminable train-rides, and made everything—even the current political hellscape—seem just a little more hopeful”. That sounds like the essence of music to us!
  5. Max’s 2018 Wrap-Up, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4: For each of the last four days of 2018, Max is looking at the best music of 2018 through the prism of a different emotional state, placing them within a narrative to acknowledge the necessarily emotional and personal frames through which we interact with music. From anger and restlessness to depression, and finally arriving at a state of peace, we hope you’ll enjoy his exploration of the most electrically barbed and beautifully poignant songs of the past year.
  6. Our Beautiful 2018 Spotify Playlist: December wouldn’t be complete without a comprehensive playlist featuring our favourite album tracks, EPs and singles of the year! This Spotify playlist has over a hundred indie tracks… and counting! We’re still adding stuff, so be sure to ‘heart’.

And while you’re at it, why not check out our BF New Music playlist which is updated regularly with our favourite new tunes to take you into the new year?

-- Beautiful Freaks, January 1, 2019